Who We Are

What is Batavia Solutions Group (BSG)?

Batavia Solutions Group (BSG) is a group of companies that provide business solutions to clients across the globe. We believe that together with our Clients we can improve the lives of many. Using our competencies and experience to work on solutions with real impact on the present and the future of Clients’ businesses, and thus the people within the companies that we serve.

Our services have supported the progress of companies, both local and multi-national, in various industries, including government and private sectors, serving them in compliance, process improvements, growth initiatives, and digitization.

We strive to make everything work, as much as we can, as best as we can. Taking full responsibility to put the best effort into every project that we carry out for our clients, this being our value proposition over the years. We continue to improve our competency and invest in our people to ensure that tasks and clients' objectives can be attained, as we believe in our people’s ability to execute for the success of our clients. Such an approach has enabled BSG to become a reliable and trusted group of companies with service excellence.

Our Strength

Strong Team of Professionals with Expertise and Experience with a strong culture of Excellence.
Assisting businesses to achieve objectives by procuring the right resources producing quality results.
We don’t just provide resource, but instead trained consultants.
Guidance and quality assurance through our senior team members.
By utilizing our consultants, Clients will be relieved from having to deal with day to day administrative issues.
We strive to create effectiveness & efficiency for our Clients.
We provide complete business solutions under one roof.